I have spent my life searching for what makes us better than we are day to day. My questions led me to travel and to explore performing arts, martial arts, meditation, healing, creativity, as well as business, innovation, communication, philosophy and psychology. The answers are simple, to be a better you, be yourself better. My research led me to create the Storm Process, a simple process to guide your thinking to tackle any challenge, and engage yourself in making your ideas a reality.

I run a training consultancy called Preseli through which I train business leaders and young professionals to raise their aspirations and achieve their goals, all the while making the world a better place.
I sit on the board for Social Enterprise South East, and consult on a number of projects supporting and delivering social innovation.
I offer coaching too, so if there is a particular challenge you are facing, I would be happy to explore how we could work together.
If you are serious about making a difference; to your life, your business, your world, get in touch. It’s rarely possible unless we all work together, and helping people work together better is something I very much enjoy!

Otherwise you’ll find me playing Capoeira with my wife, Caterina Violi and searching out another culture to explore.