A new blog and a whole new world.

I finally gave in to the need for my own webspace after contributing to a number of blogs over the last few weeks. I’ve found that writing a blog has helped me to consistently add value to my business. Every day, just being open to ideas to form so that I could contribute something original has inspired me to develop my processes and tools. I’m finding I am applying my own thinking more often in my own life – and that has to be a good thing!

One regrettable discovery, however, was that I was not taking up every idea that came my way. I was being selective and ensuring that the blog posts I did write were relevent for the blog I was writing for – and letting other ideas pass me by.

My intention with this blog is to attempt to capture some of these ideas and formulate them into a worthwhile read for my clients – both those paying and currently undergoing a coaching program with me – hi! – and those unpaying, distant and unseen, who stumble across these words while looking for a man to plough their fields and is wondering when my posts about ‘tools’ are going to start talking about tilling – hi too!

I hope you gain some value from the words to follow.

Best wishes, as ever,

Andrew Tilling